Keith Richards Rhythm Guitar Lesson

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Playing Rhythm Like The Masters: Keith Richards

by Anders Mouridsen of


Instructor: Anders Mouridsen

Speciality: Rock, Blues


In this lesson we break down Keith Richards (From The Rolling Stones) rhythm guitar playing. We look at how riffs and voicings originally played in an open tuning can be played in a standard tuning and adapted to any given chord progression.

This lesson is part of a series that includes profiles of Tony Iommi, Ritchie Blackmore, and others.

For over 3000 lessons on every guitar style and technique visit Guitar Tricks.


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How a Traveling Musician Can Sell their Home After a Divorce

musician traveling on busAs a working musician you know how hard it is to put money on the table. Playing small gigs here and there, maybe selling a song or two isn’t always enough to provide and put money on the table for you and your family.

If you’re a traveling musician who is constantly on the road then you know how much harder it can be to even maintain and keep a relationship alive in the first place.

Most musicians who are working on the road know that time spent at home vs away is always greater and puts more of a strain on a relationship then anything.

If your music career has somehow gotten in the way of your family life, due to extensive traveling and your spouse has asked for a divorce then one of the greatest problems you will face is what to do with your property if you happen to own a house together.

With the current state of the housing market, especially in the California and Southern California areas, it can be incredibly hard to sell your house when it comes to deciding what to do with your assets. For a quick and immediate solution to this problem check out this link:

Many people wrongly assume that it will be necessary to hire a real estate agent who will then market your home who will then split the proceeds after the house has sold and closed escrow.

The bad thing about this approach is that it can be months before your house actually sells.

When it comes to divorce and needing to sell your property fast, without hassle, without fee’s or commissions, the best most absolute reliable way of selling your home is to simply use a real estate investor.

As a musician this might sound like a new idea but with the housing market where it’s right now, investors are popping up everywhere, and are some of the most reliable individuals when it comes to selling your property.

Investors specialize in helping individuals going through marriage crisis’s sell quickly, close quickly and walk away with an all cash offer that can then be split between both parties.

Once you have your money in your hand, you will then be able to pay your spouse off, and no further legal troubles will be brought up regarding the sale of the property and you both will be able to go your own ways without any further complications.

Otherwise, your looking at a hefty legal battle where your ex could be battling it out with you who will retain ownership of the house and I’ve seen these kinds of cases last for years.

This is simply the kind of stress you don’t need or have time to deal with since you’ll likely be traveling playing shows and gigs. It’s highly recommend if you happen to be a musician that you seek out reliable companies who buy houses, get them on the phone, tell them your situation and see if they can give you an all cash offer for your home.

Most of the time these companies will be more than willing to buy your home because they will then be able to turn the house around and flip it for a profit. Look for those “We Buy Homes” Signs and Companies you see on the site of the road. And call those numbers.

You will be able to walk away with cash that can be split between you and your ex, they take your house and do whatever they want with it.

Everyone wins and it can all be done in as little as 30 days or less.

It’s highly recommended if you happen to be in the Southern California area and are looking for solutions to seek out one of these companies and get your free cash offer. You can check out what one of these forms and a few testimonials here: if you happen to live in the San Diego area and want to see what the process is all about.

You have nothing to lose and a life and music that you need to get back to so don’t get lost in the weeds of legal battles; get your house sold and get back on the road.

Here’s a useful article from the Washington Post that explains this process a little more: Selling your home to a real estate investor. You can also find a good collection of information at this PearlTrees site:

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Some of the Very Best Ways to Learn How to Play Guitar

Peavey-GuitarSo you got your hands on your own guitar and are prepared to find out how to actually play it.

The quest is: where do you begin?

What kind of sessions should you take?

First you should check out:

These are probably some of the concerns you are asking yourself.

Locating the right guitar lessons for beginners could be puzzling considering that there is so much convoluted material on the internet that not many free advice columns offer reliable consistent advice.

Naturally, your first concern should be exactly what kind of money are looking at investing in order to learn how to play the guitar.

As you have actually probably currently found, there are a lot of free lessons on the web.

There are actually countless videos on YouTube that cover all various elements of playing guitar.

The only problem with these is, as a beginner having a full on consolidated structuring for learning is most ideal.

So if you’re looking at getting a good set of lessons that will give you fast and reliable results there are a couple options you can take.

The first is getting lessons from local music teachers.

These are often costly and will require that you actually get up and go drive somewhere to learn lessons.

If that sounds less than Ideal then the best way is with online lessons.

There are a few different websites that offer some really great lessons.

The best part is they are all tailored for the beginner guitarist and will help give you the foundational knowledge needed to really excel with this instrument.

I highly recommend that you check out some reliable online guitar lessons that will teach you how to play the guitar while using some excellent guitar backing tracks to boot.

These will give you better musical understanding and give you the edge since you’ll know how to play to the beat of a drum.

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Selling Your House After a Divorce With Your Ex

selling house after divorceIf the value of your home is less than the balance of your loan you may choose to wait and decide to sell your house after the housing market re-stabilizes and the value of your house increases.

This might imply needing to wait to sell and clear up any problems that your house might have depending on the method you use to sell your house, AFTER your divorce has actually been settled. Trying to sell your house after the separation is will of course have its advantages and disadvantages.

If you hang around until after the breakup, both parties will retain title to the home. Some couples, because of monetary difficulty decide to continue living together in the residence, regardless of the fact they are in the midst of a divorce. This does not always go smoothly and has its drawbacks and is not suggested unless there is no other option. Sometimes, it’s best to just figure out how to make things work with your ex. If you don’t want to end things and are willing to try and salvage your relationship, make sure to check out: for a ton of useful advice to fix your relationship.

Both parties could manage living separately, however might still find difficult marketing their home. You could make the decision, a far better decision is for you to stay in the home while the other finds a temporary place to live.

This option still has unfavorable repercussions though, which must be taken into account just before making a final decision. You will need to consider who will stay in the home until it can be marketed successfully.

When it comes close to the time of selling the property you’ll need to make sure you have a plan if your ex declines to follow by the agreed upon terms. If you are clicking through to maintain co-ownership of the home be sure to factor all possible situations prior to making a final decision.

One partner purchases out the other and determines to live in the home. Between the both of you you might want to remain in the residence after the separation, if anything for the benefit of your children if they are younger. Sometimes all we need is some self-work and motivation to keep going so we can work things out. Relationship coach Ryan Hart has some great, practical advice you can find on his Pinterest & Twitter here:

Try not to allow strong feelings and sentimentality. I also highly recommend the advice of relationship coach Mike Fiore to win over your ex again. Mike actually has a program that you can download called Text Your Ex back which has been super successful helping couples reunite. You can check out Ryan Hart’s review here:

Break ups are hard and since emotions are going to be it’s going to be difficult to stay level headed living under the same roof with your ex partner.

If it’s possible, make sure to take appropriate actions if your ex partner has the ability to purchase the home out right.

Is your credit history adequate to re-finance the home into your name? Transfer of title is not the only factor. The person that is moving out of the residence will certainly wish to be sure their name is removed from the mortgage completely to make sure that if a problem emerges in the future, they will be immune to the consequences.

Seek assistance from a specialist. Sometimes the best situation is to merely sell your home fast, and both spouses go on with their brand-new lives. A “sell my house fast” agent can help you figure out the worth of your house and offer you an idea of exactly how long and for exactly what cost you could sell your house. Having this info will empower you in making a decision which circumstance is finest worrying your residence while you are going via your separation.

Plus they can also buy your house outright from you and give you cash upfront which can then be split between your and your ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend or husband and wife and go your separate ways.

If you also happen to be in the Southern Califonia Area I highly recommend you check out the following site for the best real estate investment company:

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